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Level 1, Shop 5012A, Robina Town Centre, ROBINA QLD 4230

(Above Myer, near Medicare) 

Phone Number:  1300 20 40 80
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Please Consider: 

  • There is limited client parking in front of our Campus.
  • Please give yourself enough time to find a park and arrive 5 to 10 minutes prior your scheduled booking time.
  • You may be asked to fill out a new form, despite having filled one out on your previous visit.  This is a student clinic and we require a separate health history form for each class.
  • No 2hr bookings will be accepted on a weekly basis (with the same therapist) between 6pm and 9pm
  • Only 1hr appointments are available for Myotherapy
  • While we aim to minimise any inconveniences, we also reserve the right to cancel or reschedule your booking at short notice and will advise you as soon as possible by phone, email or sms.

 We also offer limited phone support during advertised clinic hours 07 3708 1394
** Please Note - telephone bookings incur a $5 surcharge **


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If you are having troubles viewing this page, please contact , or phone 3708 1394 and advise one of our friendly staff members.



What is a Relaxation Massage?

Relaxation Massage may include full body Swedish Massage.  Relaxation massage has many proven health benefits, such as improving circulation, relieving tightness, reducing stress and anxiety, improving sleep and enhancing flexibility.

What is a Remedial Massage?
The Diploma student has a higher level of training and a better understanding and application of functional anatomy. The focus in Remedial Massage is identifying and treating musculoskeletal dysfunctions.  This means finding the cause of complaints eg.  headaches, neck pain, chronic back pain, pelvic imbalance, or joint pain and correcting any dysfunction.  Remedial is a more comprehensive treatment using a wider range of techniques.

What is Myotherapy?

Myotherapy is the next evolution in Manual Therapy. 

A Q Academy Myotherapist uses the same manual therapy techniques as a Physiotherapist. Students also specialise in Dry Needling, cupping, strapping and taping, prescription of exercise for health and dysfunction and rehabilitation from injury, treatment of muscular dysfunction from physical and emotional stress, and chronic pain management.



The New myotherapy clinic is about to start (7th November, 2016). Many of you may have had an experience at Q academy already. However, we have written a small blog about how we manage, help and educate the clients that come in for a treatment. Reading this post about myotherapy may help with your understanding on what myotherapist do. Myotherapists help repair damaged tissue, reduce stiffness and pain, increase mobility and improve quality of life. Its applications range from health promotion to injury prevention, acute care, chronic care, rehabilitation, maintenance and functional mobility. It is with functional mobility and its principles towards strength and stability that Q academy students excel.

The students will use a screening tool (FMS –Functional movement screen) and the (SFMA – selective functional movement assessment) as the assessment tool. The FMS is a screening tool developed for athletes of all abilities looking to improve performance and function. This assessment tool is used to assess dangerous imbalances which lead to injury.

The SFMA is the next level of assessment developed to assess and define treatment plans to improve your activity levels and to correct function and patterns within your busy lifestyle whether this be in your work, home or recreational activities. Symptoms addressed in Myotherapy Overuse injury such as tennis elbow or shin splints, sports injuries, tension headaches and cervicogenic headaches (headaches caused by poor biomechanics/posture), chronic back pain, joint pain - such as shoulder impingement syndrome, muscle sprains/strains, post-surgical rehab, and treatment of myofascial pain. Techniques used in Myotherapy Joint mobilisation, METs (muscle energy techniques), Trigger Point Therapy, Corrective exercise, rehabilitation programs, dry needling, cupping, sports taping, kinesiology taping, the use of transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation machines (TENS), muscle strengthening and education in self-treatment.

While these treatment modalities may seem like they are for the fit and active, myotherapy caters for those that just want to improve their game, swing of a golf club, time in the swimming pool or simply just going for a walk that is pain free. With this knowledge, a myotherapist will address those suffering from Osteoarthritis (OA), tendon injuries (Tendinopathies), bursitis and post-surgical rehab. Many of these conditions can lead to a decrease of functional movement in daily activities When it comes to everyday activities people can find themselves experiencing difficulties moving. This may be following injury, including falls, or a perhaps a period of limited movement following stress or illness. It can surprise and embarrass some people when they realise they can’t do their usual daily jobs.

A myotherapist can assist these people in looking at what has changed, specifically why the way they move has changed and help them to correct this which removes the discomfort and reinstates their ability to complete their normal tasks. A Myotherapist can work with an older person to set treatment goals to maintain their current abilities, improve movement and strength which can also help to prevent such things as falls. An older person may fall for a variety of reasons including movement issues but also other health concerns, and we are able to work with their other healthcare practitioners get the best outcome possible.



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