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Thai Massage


Traditional Thai Massage is thought to have been practiced for over 2000 years in Thailand, with therapists using their hands, knees and feet during treatments. The theory behind traditional thai massage is based on traditional Thai medicine and the premise that the human body contains 10 energy lines (sen), which extend the full length of the body.

  • Experience prerequisite: Massage, bodywork or yoga experience required
  • Short Course length:  2 day course
  • Start time:  9.30 am and should finish by 4.00pm
  • Course Location: Q Academy Brisbane Campus
  • What to bring: 3 Towels and some lunch

Thai massage style combines stretching and deep sustained pressure using palms, knees and elbows. It is performed fully clothed on a firm mat on the ground. It's fun & interesting for the therapist to perform and also highly effective for the person receiving the treatment. Anyone who has had a true Thai massage will attest to the fact it is one of the most amazing experiences.

This workshop will teach the Northern style of traditional Thai massage and will incorporate some Shiatsu style of meridian work. In the workshop you will learn how to perform a full body treatment moving around the whole body including sitting positions.

The course includes:-

  • Treatment safety & contraindications
  • Full body sequence
  • Seated sequence
  • Massage table adaptations
  • 12 hours practical application of techniques

The course content is performed from a firm mat on the ground and requires the ability to comfortably kneel and hold a lunge position supporting your own weight. This style of work requires a level of physical fitness similar to that required to do a yoga class. If in doubt please contact us first.


Short Course fee: $400.00 (two day course)


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